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Interview with ELISABETTA, aka "THEMISSBETTA87"

This is another interview of my project "Let’s get to know girl YouTubers", a journey in the Youtube world. Thanks to this project we can interview girls coming from there in order to get to know them better! 

Our today’s guest is ELISABETTA, aka "THEMISSBETTA87", a very sweet and beautiful girl. Her channel has more than 12.000 subscribers and over 2.000.000 visualizations, but let’s get to know her better....


Name: Elisabetta
Age: 25
Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius
City: Milan (Italy)
Nationality: Italian




Describe yourself in a few words.

Hi everybody, you honeys ;D
So I have to describe myself in a few words…. Well, I’m a cheerful, solar funny girl; then, I’m the mom of a very sweet baby, Mya.. and I’m a nail art freak <3

When did your passion for make-up start?

My passion for nails started when I was a very little kid. ;D I’ve always loved messing up my nails; I began when I was a little kid hahahaha. Then, as I grew up, my passion became even stronger; this continued till today. It’s love and passion by now. Nail art is now part of my everyday life and I’m really happy. I’ll never leave this passion nor give up learning ;)

How did you come up with the idea to open a channel on YouTube?

It was my sister Marilena (Zannamary Makeup) who came up with the idea to open a channel on YouTube; I’ve got to thank her! Thanks to her I discovered this world. She gave me the desire to share my passion on the web, and I’ll never stop thanking her enough! I started to act as a model on her channel. Then I saw that my passion for nails became even stronger and, in September 2010, I thought I could open my own channel, ''TheMissBetta87'' – Nail by betta.

Why did you call it like this?

My channel doesn’t have a particular name, you can really remember it very easily and it reflects me much. So I definitely like it because it’s simple ;)

Do you remember what your first video was?

Yes… hahahaha how can I forget it? It was the video about Manicure!! I was clumsy, excited, then when I was speaking I looked like a robot!! I’ll never forget my first time with a camera: I shot my very first video. It was such a unique excitement ;)

What’s your favorite one?

Well, it’s an excellent video I dedicated to my daughter’s first birthday, on 1 April 2013 ;) then I prefer Hello Spank’s nail art, which is the one I made on my channel. There are many other ones, but this is the one I absolutely like the most ;)

Apart from make-up, do you have any other passion?

Well, I love having my make-up done as well. I like the Pin Up style much, but to be honest I also like to try different, colored and extravagant make-ups ;D

In your opinion, who, among big names, has her make-up done best?

Well, apart from my sister Zannamary, who I appreciate very much, and I have to admit I’m lucky I have a make-up artist sister hahahaha she’s definitely really talented, and I don’t say it because it’s my sister, but because it’s the plain truth ;D Well, apart from her, I love Giuliana (Makeupdelight2009) and Daniele (MrDanielMakeup); they have a natural ability and I love to follow them!

However, who, among big names, has her make-up done worst?

Hahahaha do you want me to tell the truth? I usually follow a few channels, and each of them imparts me something.. also those who don’t have their make-up done perfectly.. Take Clio, I don’t follow her much because I prefer Daniele or Giuliana or my sister ;) I think they’re more talented (with all due respect to Clio, who’s obviously good).

What’s your attitude towards web criticisms?
At the beginning I felt sorry about them, no kidding! I got annoyed much; but then I understood that the best thing to do is to ignore them or even better laugh off them ;) Obviously I accept constructive criticisms, but I ignore harsh offenses that have nothing to do with my channel.. and I linger on..

What product do you always have in your make-up set?

My lip gloss, I would say *-* and, regarding nail art xD, my file.

My dear, our interview is over, but before finishing I’d like you to give a valuable advice on make-up for our readers.

First of all, I give you a very very big kiss. Thank you, Mara, for interviewing me; it was a great pleasure!

Do you want me to give a valuable advice to nail art aficionadas, also to beginners? Never give up at the beginning, but try hard, train yourselves for hours on end, for days on end, because if your heart is nail varnish-shaped hahahaha ;P sooner or later you’ll obtain excellent results! You’ll always have something new to learn.. and to give ;)



I thank Elisabetta for staying with us for some minutes and giving us some piece of advice! I give Mya a big kiss; she’s so beautiful and sweet. And of course a big kiss to you, as well!!

A big kiss


Graphics by Dario Sechi:

Translation by Michele Casellato:

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