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Interview with ARIANNA, aka "141ARI"

This is another interview of my project "Let’s get to know girl YouTubers", a journey in the Youtube world. Thanks to this project we can interview girls coming from there in order to get to know them better!

Our today’s guest is ARIANNA , aka “141ARI”, a very beautiful girl. Her channel has more than 30.000 subscribers and over 3.000.000 visualizations, but let’s get to know her better....


Name: Arianna
Age: 16 (on September, 14th)

Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo
City: Bologna (Italy)
Nationality: Italian


Describe yourself in a few words.

I’m a young girl who makes simple videos just for her genuine passion :-)

When did your passion for make-up start?

When I was in the second grade of junior school (12 years old).

How did you come up with the idea to open a channel on YouTube?
It started when I decided to share one of my greatest passions with other people!
Why did you call it like this?
There’s no specific reason; fourteen is my favorite number. When I subscribed, I chose “14ari”: as it often happens, the nickname was unavailable, so YouTube suggested “141ari

Do you remember what your first video was?

Of course! It was related to website “Zoeva”.

What’s your favorite one?
Good question! I definitely have no idea!

Apart from make-up, do you have any other passion?

I’m surely keen on singing, fashion, pole dance (which I’m now practicing) and I’m keen on videogames, too!

In your opinion, who, among big names, has her make-up done best?

LACINDINA: I consider her one of the best make-up girls!
However, who, among big names, has her make-up done worst?

I don’t think I’m a popular personality, but my answer is I!
What’s your attitude towards web criticisms?

I feel very sorry about them, but I do wipe them out like all bad things.

What product do you always have in your make-up set?
My mascara!

My dear, our interview is over, but before finishing I’d like you to give a valuable advice on make-up for our readers.
Make make-up your ally, don’t abuse it :) 

 I thank Arianna for staying with us and dedicating us time to give us some piece of advice!

A big kiss


Graphics by Dario Sechi:

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Translation by Michele Casellato:

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