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Interview with MARILENA, aka “ZANNAMARY”

This is another interview of my project "Let’s get to know girl YouTubers", a journey in the Youtube world. Thanks to this project we can interview girls coming from there in order to get to know them better!

Our today’s guest is MARILENA, also known as ZANNAMARY, a very sweet and nice girl. Her channel has more than 2.000 subscribers and over 100.000 visualizations, but let’s get to know her better....




Name: Marilena
Age: 34
Sign of the Zodiac: Leo
City: Milan (Italy)
Nationality: Italian



Describe yourself in a few words.

I’m a very modest and sunny girl, I love any brilliant thing and my dogs <3. I’m not perfect, but I love my vices as well (maybe someone doesn’t agree with me hahahaha), I like simple but well-done things (I’m famous for my nitpicking hahahaha), I think I’m like many other girls, but who are unique in their little world. But actually it should be the others who describe me, as I obviously further my own cause hahahaha. All kidding aside, in short, I’m like you see me, with all my virtues and vices (lots of vices) ;P.

When did your passion for make-up start?

Oh my God o.0, I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I do remember I was really young. I’ll take the opportunity to tell you in short an explanatory anecdote. I was a fourth or fifth grade student, and I remember I used to take my mother’s and my older sister’s make-up and I would hide it behind a big piece of furniture we had in the porch. Obviously, one day, my mother moved this piece of furniture in order to clean, and as you can imagine all that pile of make-up fell down (in the true sense of the word). Finally she figured out there was no ghost of make-up, but it was me who used to take it -.-“. So she asked me: “Mary, how come did you take our cosmetics like a thief in the night?”, and I simply replied: “Because when I’m older I’ll be able to start having my make-up done, as I’ll already have all my make-up. Thanks to such naive answer my mother cracked up and I avoided a good telling-off :P. Well, I think that’s my very first memory of make-up.

How did you come up with the idea to open a channel on YouTube?

Well, I opened my channel around 4 years ago. I did it for a simple reason: to gather all the best and most interesting make-up turorials I could find on the web, so that they could be just a click away and I could play them without spending hours looking for them on YouTube. Indeed, I called it “help-channel”. Then, I decided to shoot my first and embarrassing video because I’ve always loved make-up and I was supported by a very sweet girl who already used to make videos on YouTube and by my sister, THEMISSBETTA87 (all of you know her for sure :P); I’ve got to thank these two people a lot! And the rest is history :)

Why did you call it like this?

My channel’s called “ZANNAMARY MAKEUP”, as I wanted it to have nickname that contained my name and my husband’s name. That’s why I chose “ZANNAMARY” and then, obviously, I added “MAKEUP”.

Do you remember what your first video was?

Yes! I remember it clearly (it’s still online) and it’s really embarassing. Well, the very first one was an introductory video, in which I didn’t speak, but there was a soundtrack and a series of photos to introduce myself. My very first video tutorial was “Makeup tutorial, la mia base” (“Makeup tutorial, my base”). 

What’s your favorite one?

Of course there’s more than one, but, for various reasons, the most significant is "No al maltrattamento si alle carezze" (“Say no to abuses, say yes to caresses”) is a video made in collaboration with some girl Youtubers, which talks about animal abuse. I think this is my favorite video. But for sure, regarding make-up, my favorite one is "Halloween BROKEN DOLLS make up tutorial ft. TheMissBetta87", made in collaboration with my sister; as you can see, my sister is an important and integral part of my channel.

Apart from Make-up, do you have any other passion?

Yes, I have many other passions. But (dear me!) the most important passion is surely for my dogs and anything related to dogs in general.

In your opinion, who, among big names, has her make-up done best?

Ahem it’s a good question, I’m inspired by lots of show women; I love their make-up. I’ll tell you about some show women. My favorite ones are Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Dita Von Teese; I love them and their make-up, I find they’re always beautiful and impeccable.

However, who, among big names, has her make-up done worst?

Hahahaha well I don’t like many VIPs’ make-up, but I think it’s quite a subjective matter. However, there’s one VIP, may she not hold it against me, who always “exaggerates” in having her make-up done: Moira Orfei (she’s a very nice person, though). When she was young, she was beautiful, but now I find that her make-up is too excessive for her age, so it doesn’t commend her at all.

What’s your attitude towards web criticisms?

Well, at the beginning, as I’m in stops and starts very impulsive, I got annoyed, I answered in kind and I was consumed by rage. Right now I really understood how things are and I just have a good laugh and I linger on

What product do you always have in your make-up set?
No doubt I’d have my red lipstick.

My dear, our interview is over, but before finishing I’d like you to give a valuable advice on make-up for our readers.

There’s certainly an impartial advice I can give them, which I find essential: "Have your make-up done, color yourselves as you will. The main thing is that it makes you feel nice and really good. This is fundamental. All the rest comes after ;)".
Mara, I want to give you a special thanks, but I also thank your readers and my followers! You deserve the best kiss ever. Thanks again for interviewing me and, as I always say…"See you next time". -_^ <3

I personally thank MARILENA for staying with us for some minutes and giving us some piece of advice. She’s so lovely!

A big kiss

Graphics by Dario Sechi:

Translation by Michele Casellato:

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