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This is another interview of my project "Let’s get to know girl YouTubers", a journey in the Youtube world. Thanks to this project we can interview girls coming from there in order to get to know them better!

Our today’s guest is Valentina, also known as "Angiolettovale", a very sweet girl. Her channel has almost 2.000 subscribers and more than 300.000 visualizations, but let’s get to know her better....



Name: Valentina
Age: 22
Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius
City: Campobasso (Italy)
Nationality: Italian


Describe yourself in a few words.

I’m a modest and very shy girl…

When did your passion for make-up start?

I’ve always had it. In my family nobody uses cosmetics, but I loved the little make-up sets issued with “Cioè” (an Italian fashion magazine); how can I forget it? :-) basically I did it all myself, also because once neither had I the internet, so I couldn’t watch tutorials, etc…

How did you come up with the idea to open a channel on YouTube?

One day I opened YouTube by chance and saw a tutorial by Lacindina and since then I discovered a new world… and, well, I thought it was my passion so why not have a try? But I said nothing to my family, I was afraid of “failing”, but now I feel very satisfied and proud of myself!!

Why did you call it like this?

When I opened my channel I didn’t know that I would upload videos then, so I chose a name by chance (“Angiolettovale”), even though it represents me, I have to admit it. All the people who know me note that I’m sweet and it shines through my channel as well, where a great many girls tell me “you’re very sweet”; this is the best compliment I can desire!

Do you remember what your first video was?

Yes!!! It was a video on my fish tank!! But then I erased it!!!

What’s your favorite one?

To be honest I’m very judgmental towards my videos, I try a thousandfold to understand what doesn’t work! But there’s one I like: an outfit video I uploaded a short time ago.

Apart from make-up, do you have any other passion?

Yeeeees I love animals and this shines through my channel as well; you can find many videos on my “puppies”. I have a great many animals at home :-)))

In your opinion, who, among big names, has her make-up done best?
Do you mean on the TV? Or on YouTube? No doubt there’s "Misscreamycreamy" on YouTube; I love her modesty. As to the TV I adore Anna Tatangelo :-)

However, who, among big names, has her make-up done worst?
Ahem on YouTube? I wouldn’t know, maybe at times I find that some girls exaggerate in having their make-up done to stand out and I hate their mask-like effect! No doubt on the TV there’s presenter Barbara D'urso. How can it be??? Looks like she got punched in the eye!!


What’s your attitude towards web criticisms?

To tell the truth, I received no criticism so far, but some objections at the most, but I wouldn’t get annoyed anyway. I rarely argue with someone except for a good reason, so I’d answer calmly :-)

What product do you always have in your make-up set?

No doubt I’d have my black eyeliner pencil!!!

My dear, our interview is over, but before finishing I’d like you to give a valuable advice on make-up for our readers.

It was a really great interview, thank you! I can say that I have my make-up done in order to feel beautiful and different in every occasion, but there’s no need to wear tons of make-up. Modesty is the most appreciated quality in make-up as well! A big kiss

I thank Valentina for staying with us for some minutes and giving us some piece of advice!

A big kiss

Graphics by Dario Sechi:

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Translation by Michele Casellato:

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